Having recently got engaged I have, even though I said I wouldn’t, become fully engrossed in the world of wedding blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. I think these are all amazing platforms but they have, at times, left me a little overwhelmed. I’m not sure I’m going to compare to the hundreds of beautiful brides I’ve been fawning over online and I don’t feel like I have that level of organisation in me! They have made me realise that they are aspirational and, as with all online content, are only a snapshot of that particular second in time.  I’ve decided I don’t want to put myself under too much pressure to compare. And seriously, how does everyone have so much money?!

This blog is my way of documenting my honest but realistic experiences as a bride to be. I hope to shine a light on all aspects of the wedding planning and all of the thoughts, feelings and sometimes stresses that go alongside this. There are SO many things that I wish I had known before I started planning our big day and this is where I’ll be sharing what I learn on the way.

Biggest learning so far; never, I repeat NEVER, go to a dress fitting hungover…

Find me on Twitter @honest_bride or drop me an email at anhonestbride@hotmail.com

Photo credit: Dear Lola


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