23 things I wish I’d known before I went wedding dress shopping


I’m not going to lie, I’ve only had one experience of trying on bridal dresses to date. However, even though it was very fun, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Here are the things I wish I’d known beforehand:

  1. Going with a hangover will be one if the worst decisions you’ve ever made.
  1. You might not have all the time in the world – check how long your appointment is before you go as you could be up against the clock.
  1. There probably won’t be champagne *sobs*
  1. You should definitely wear nude underwear. Preferably strapless.
  1. There will be lots of dresses that are way over budget. They should totally tell you before you start looking!
  1. Sample dresses are small.
  1. You’ll get asked about your weight loss plans.
  1. You probably won’t be able to take pictures.
  1. Never fake tan or wear heavy make up.
  1. You’ll feel like you’re playing dress up for the majority of the appointment.
  1. You’ll get lots of good ‘oooooohs’…
  1. And some not so good ‘hmmmms’.
  1. There may/may not be tears and either is fine.
  1. Stepping in and out of dresses in heels will seriously test your balance.
  1. You’ll want to try the massive meringue-y one on, even if it is just for fun!
  1. It might take a few people to get you into your dress and, as a result, they’ll see you pretty naked. Shave your legs.
  1. There’s nothing like trying on a veil to suddenly make everything feel real.
  1. The costs of a veil is enough to give you palpitations.
  1. Dresses look totally different on the hanger. Try them all on and take the advice of the shop assistants.
  1. It’s hard to get the full picture when you’re hair’s in a messy bun and you’ve still got a bit of last nights make up on.
  1. It can get very hot.
  1. Despite all of this, you’ll feel frickin’ amazing even if you don’t find the right one right there, right then.
  1. Your normal clothes will feel very boring afterwards.

Anything else I forgot to add?! Let me know @honest_bride.

Image from the movie Bridesmaids, but you all knew that anyways.


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