7 cost savings I’ll be making at my wedding

This cake cost more than my wedding will. Photo courtesy the richest.com
When we started planing our wedding I considered the budget to be pretty substantial. Sure, it was never going to be a Kim/Kanye-style extravaganza, but I felt happy that we’d easily be able to incorporate everything we wanted within budget. Then we booked our venue. I LOVE our venue and it ticks so, so many boxes. However, it was over budget and, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was quite naive to how much we were going to have to shell out quite so quickly. I’m now trying to find ways we can claw back some of our budget and generally keep spending under control. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

One thing I’ve learnt through this whole planning process is that it’s important to keep perspective. At what other point IRL would you think spending £1,000 on flowers reasonable?! You wouldn’t. I’m going to apply this logic to my wedding…potentially making my bouquets myself. I’ve also found that the less-fashionable florists are a lot more reasonably priced for those who don’t trust themselves with creating their own blooms.

Bridesmaid dresses:

Yes I would love to dress my maids in something fancy, but with so many high-end looking high-street options I just don’t think it’s necessary. Let’s face it, it’s unlikely they’ll wear their dress again so I’m not going to spend a fortune kitting them out with two birds dresses when they’ll look just as awesome in ASOS.

My shoes: 

I had always dreamed of getting married in a pair of Jimmy Choos. Again, having some perspective on the situation, who is really going to see my shoes?! I’d rather (one day) spend that money on shoes that I’m going to be able to wear again, not white ones that’ll be hidden under a dress and then banished to my wardrobe for years to come.


I bloody love cake (who doesn’t?!) but I genuinely can’t remember a single wedding I’ve been to where I’ve actually eaten the cake! Wedding cakes are PRICEY and yet not something that anybody really remembers. I’m planning to source mine from somewhere like M & S (who have a very affordable wedding collection BTW) and put a nice cake topper on it. Kodak moment, done. The guilt of spending a months mortgage on a cake, not done.


Initially I was looking at intricate invitations with lots of embossing and different sections for different information. Then I realised how much people charge for what is essentially card. Card! I’m cutting costs by not sending Save the Dates (I’ve told everyone anyways!) and sourcing a local graphic designer to create my invitations which I’ll then print. There are so many more things I’d rather spend my money on than bits of card which aren’t going to mean much to anyone else.

Photo booth:

It seems like no wedding is complete without a photo booth these days but, as a result, prices are cray cray. I’ve seen so many examples of DIY photo booths/ back drops that are totally adorable, a lot more personal and a fraction of the price. *bulk orders MDF*


This is brutal but if you don’t want someone there, don’t have them! Cutting even a handful of people can save a substantial amount so be ruthless – it is YOUR day after all and second cousin Jenny will get over it.
Any other suggestions are extremely welcome! @honest_bride

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