19 thoughts that go through your head when you get proposed to


1.What’s he doing down there on the floo..OH!

2. So this is it, it’s happening.

3. He’s saying things.

4. Oh God, what’s he saying?!

5. These are the nicest things anyone has ever said ever!

6. Remember these words, remember what he’s saying.

7. There’s a ring. Of course there’s a ring!

8. He doesn’t know which finger the ring goes on, why would he?! *places ring on correct finger*

9. Ooooh, it feels weird wearing a ring on THAT finger.

10. Have I even said yes?!

11. Say yes, you idiot!

12. Is it normal to be laughing/crying/swearing this much?!

13. Oh my God, we’re going to have a wedding.

14. Oh my God, I’m going to be a wife!

15. I don’t feel old enough to be a wife!

16. Oh my god, I’m going to be Mrs…

17. He’s going to be my husband

18. This is so grown up!

19. I wish I’d had a manicure.


The (Im)perfect proposal

photoHaving been engaged for a little over three months now, it’s fair to say that I’m old news when it comes to proposal announcements on social media. I’m in that age group where I can’t log on to Facebook without seeing another excited bride-to-be. As lovely as that is, my own experiences have led me to become a little cynical about ‘that’ kind of announcement.

My proposal was perfect for me but, by social media standards, was very imperfect. I wasn’t wearing a flattering outfit, I was whinging at my boyfriend, I laughed when I was meant to cry and the ‘perfect’ location had to be improvised slightly after we were rudely interrupted (obviously a joke but something to consider for those proposing in a public place)! Despite this, it was one if the best moments of my life and a memory that I will love forever. The thing is, in my excitement, I didn’t stop to take any photos and certainly didn’t think about how I was going to break it on social media – I was too busy laughing/taking it all in/feeling bloody fantastic. I have a mental picture in my head and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (vom) every time I think about it.

Each to their own but I believe that proposals should be enjoyed in that moment. I’d encourage anyone who has that ‘oh shit, THIS IS HAPPENING’ moment to soak up every second and maybe even the minutes and hours that follow. One of my favourite parts of getting engaged was having the evening to ourselves to revel in our excitement before breaking it to our friends and family. Think of yourselves, not the amount of ‘likes’ you’re going to get from people who you haven’t interacted with IRL in forever.

As with all areas of social media, getting engaged seems to have become another one of those areas where we only share the perfect bits as soon as they happen. Sure you want everyone to share in your excitement, but stopping to place your ring in shot with an amazing background? Snapping hundreds of the same excited selfie? Replying to ALL the social media comments immediately? It might look perfect on your Facebook page, but I’d take the imperfect memories without the staged photos and posts any day. However it ends up taking place, wherever it ends up taking place and whenever it ends up taking place, go with it – it’ll be your kind of perfect and the memories will be yours to enjoy for way longer than most of your Facebook friends will.